10 Home utensils you can make as homemade sex toy

There comes a time when vanilla sex just doesn’t do it for couples anymore. That’s completely normal, and there’s no shame in admitting you need something new. Luckily, we have sex toys of all kinds, ranging from vibrating cock rings to plugs for anal play, and they all have a unique purpose in our bedrooms. But if you don’t have one by your side, or you simply can’t afford one, you can easily use household items to replace them. At least for some time.

In the following text, we’ll list ten utensils you can use as sex toys with or without your partner.

  1. Pearl Necklace

If you have a beaded pearl necklace, you’re in for a ton of fun. The pearls will work great if you use them up and down over your partner’s body. And in case they have a penis, well, use it there too. Yet, to make things even better, you can incorporate temperature play too. Simply place your pearl necklace into the fridge to cool off or run cold water over it. Once you do, the temperature of the pearls will further increase stimulation.

  2. Wooden Spoon

Although spooning is a great and intimate sex position anyone should try, thinking about the word spoon doesn’t sound that sexy. But with the use of a big enough wooden one, you can enjoy some wonderful spanking. Moreover, this DIY sex toy is present in almost any household, making it a perfect choice for this list. Wooden spoons go hand-in-hand with spanking. The material isn’t as hard as, let’s say, metal, making it safe to use, no matter how hard you play with it. Furthermore, it’s great if you like to fool around with your partner while in the kitchen. You simply take it out of the drawer, and voilà — the two of you are set for some kinky fun.

  3. Chop Sticks

Had some Chinese food recently? Great! You can use chopsticks that come with it to make homemade nipple clamps. Simply use a rubber band to join two sticks together, and you’re ready for some nipple fun. But before you do, make sure you don’t use bamboo sticks as they’re often full of splinters which can lead to injuries.

  4. Scarfs

Similarly to ties and sleeping masks, scarfs will work wonders if you’re into bondage. Just like an actual blindfold, you can use it to tie your partner or cover their eyes when you want to be a bit more adventurous and inventive. Moreover, the best part is that you can use any scarf you have. Old or new, it doesn’t matter. They’ll both work quite fine. But to spice things up a bit, you can put some perfume on your scarf. That’s if you want to place it over your partner’s face. Of course, be sure to use something discreet and elegant, as you don’t want them to pass out on you.

  5. Paper Clips

Do you enjoy nipple play? Of course you do! Who doesn’t?! No matter if you’re just getting into this kink, or you’ve been at it for some time now, nipple play is a great way to reach an unforgettable orgasm. Yup, nipple orgasms are a thing. But if you don’t have your clamps or pumps by your side, there’s no need to worry. You can use paper clips. Simply attach them to your or your partner’s nipples, and you’ll be on your way to the big O. Just remember to be careful while you’re at it.

  6. Socks

In case you didn’t know, socks are as good of a sex toy as anything else out there. Remember those scenes from teen movies when guys masturbate with socks on their cocks? Well, it’s not part of some director’s weird imagination. People use them all the time to have fun. So, fill up the lone sock with lube and jerk off by yourself or have your partner do it for you. They can also use a sex toy of their own while you’re at it to make the whole thing a shared experience. Just remember to wash the sock later.

  7. Mouthwash

Everyone is aware of using ice and wax to play. However, both have the same problem — their effect expires quickly. You should, therefore, be more inventive and use mouthwash for a chilling experience. Wash your mouth with it and then go down on your partner and provide them with oral sex. In a matter of seconds, you’ll see how well they react to your tongue around their penis or vagina.

  8. Rubber Bands

For those of us who love rough play, rubber bands can work as great sex toys. But don’t take them lightly. Rubber bands have a certain bite to them, making them a bit too much for some kinksters. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try them out. They’ll work fine with your nipples, bare skin, or even genitals. Just make sure you talk about it to your partner before you engage in it, and you’ll be fine.

  9. Butter Knife

Yup, we know. Knives and sex don’t work that well. However, we’re here to mention non-sharp butter ones. In case you have any around your kitchen, you can place it in the fridge and later enjoy temperature play. Once it’s cool enough, bring it over to your bedroom and place it on your partner’s body. The cool non-sharp knife will work even better than ice cubes since it won’t melt.

  10. Sandwich Bags

It’s no secret that using oil can often lead to messy affairs. Therefore, what if you combine it with a plastic sandwich bag? Well, it will work better. Fill the bag with the oil you like and place your or your partner’s penis inside. If you, however, want to have penetrative sex afterward, you’ll need to ditch latex condoms and use others. The reason is simple — latex will disintegrate in oil, making the rubber at risk of breaking.

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