3 Facts You Need to Know About Prostate Stimulation

An explosive orgasm thanks to a massage on the prostate! Sounds very exciting first but what does prostate stimulation feel like? The only problem: the prostate can be reached directly only via the anus. And there the spirits split. On the one hand man would like to try it once, among other things, because health improvements thereby arise; on the other hand, only very few men like to stick a finger or a sex toy in the butt. To help you with your concerns and to encourage you, we have answered the 5 most common questions here.

What is the prostate?

The prostate gland is a gland-sized gonea that lies below the bladder at the end of the penis and produces part of the sperm. If there is no manipulation of the prostate, a part of the sperm can accumulate in the gland. This accumulation leads to stagnation in the prostate and bacteria can colonize which ultimately leads to an unpleasant swelling and can also block the urethra. By prostate massage, the accumulated sperm is released and voila your prostate is cleaned.

What exactly would my advantages be?

Regular prostate massage reduces the risk of prostate cancer, prostate cancer, genital pain, erectile dysfunction, and regular nocturnal bladder emptying. In addition, you will find that your erectile ability will improve and you give off more seminal fluid. Not only will you be persuaded of the consistent health benefits of regular prostate massage, but you will also be surprised by all the other positive effects.

But will not it hurt?

If you or your partner do it right, the opposite will happen. Many men experience intense, prolonged and sometimes even multiple orgasm and ejaculation during a prostate massage. Many men focus mostly on their external arousal points. The most pleasurable erogenous zone is very often ignored and left in the dark.

Wait – I’ll actually enjoy it?

Let’s say you love gorgeous sex: yes, definitely! It’s getting time for men to stop envying women for their prolonged and intense orgasm. The prostate is basically the male version of the female G-spot. When the prostate is stimulated, it allows you a more intense orgasm, which would not be achievable with normal penile stimulation. Many men who regularly exercise prostate massage say the orgasms are at least 33% more intense.

Now you have my attention. How exactly does the prostate massage work?

First, find and then stimulate your prostate for example, by repeatedly moving your finger forward and backward. However, this can be a bit difficult in the long term, especially as fingernails increase the risk of injury. offers a large selection of sex toys with something for everyone. For beginners we recommend the Anal Vibrator ìBilly “, which is easy to insert with its narrower shape. For those who want something more, there is ìLoki “. Also easy to introduce, “Loki” provides even more fun with its advanced technology. You will feel even more pleasure with the ìDuke” to have. It offers incomparable sensations with its exciting ergonomic shapes. You prefer to leave the lead to your loved one? Then the ìHugo ” is perfect for you. With its Sense Motion technology, you put your lust in the hands of your partner.

Where is the G-Spot with the Man?

The G-spot in the male is basically nothing more than the prostate, which is in close proximity to the urethra and the intestine. Here are also important nerves that are irritated during sex and control orgasm and erection. So far, so good, but how do you get to sex here? Even with women, the stimulation finding the G-spot is not child’s play, but how does it work with the man? More than indirect stimulation is not possible here, but it can bring unprecedented feelings of pleasure, because the stimulation takes place not only on the surface as in the external genitalia, but deeper. The “catch” of the matter: There is no way past the anus.

Prostate Stimulation: Manually or with Aids

Anyone who does not want to leave anything to chance in terms of prostate massage can use a special and healthy prostate massager. This is introduced and massaging the prostate, vas deferens, testes and perineum – a simultaneous stimulation that occurs both internally and externally. Alternatively, you can also use a narrow anal vibrator usually for prostitutes. But watch out for a careful penetration – because the sphincter muscle must be stretched gently.

If the risk of injury is too great and would prefer to manually search for the G-spot with the man, must know where. Generally, the prostate is about seven inches behind the anus towards the abdominal wall. Who here feels a soft ball, about the size of a chestnut, has reached its goal. Now it’s time to massage, massage, massage.

What should be considered when direct stimulation of the prostate?

As with anal intercourse, caution should be exercised when inserting fingers or sex toys into the anus. The sphincter is gently stretched. This process can be made easier by the man pressing lightly during insertion, as during bowel movements. In order to meet the hygiene, it is recommended to use finger cots or gloves (latex) or cover imported objects with condoms.

Essential for painless stimulation is the use of plenty of lube. In addition, fingernails should be cut short or the utensils used should have no sharp corners or edges.

After anal contact, the inserted fingers or toys should be thoroughly washed – if no condoms have been applied – to prevent the spread of intestinal bacteria. Before cleaning, avoid any contact with the genitals.

What are the risks of anal prostate stimulation?

Rough or careless procedures or excessive anal stimulation may result in tearing of the sphincter muscle. In addition, excessive overstretching can cause lasting damage and later affect continence (ability to hold the chair). When mild bleeding occurs, there is an increased risk of infection (HIV, hepatitis B or C, etc.). However, by cooling with ice, these bleedings can in most cases be halted quickly.

For better healing of external cracks, the use of pantheon-containing creams is recommended – provided that there are no allergies in this regard. Occasionally, sits baths with tannin-containing additives provide relief and faster wound healing.

hand reaching into a tub of lotion

“Careless handling” in the intestine can also lead to cracks in the intestinal wall, sometimes resulting in increased bleeding. Since bacteria enter the abdomen in these cases, there is a need to visit a hospital immediately.

When using sex toys, these should be chosen with caution: You should necessarily be thickened at one end, so that a complete insertion into the intestine is impossible. Otherwise, there is a risk that the imported item cannot be removed. If this happens despite all precautions, medical help must be sought in this situation as well.

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