5 Ways to Achieve Maximum Pleasure in Prostate Massage

Okay, you and your partner have already decided that you are not averse to diversifying your erotic arsenal with such a sweet and piquant thing as a butt plug (also called a plug). The next question is how we will choose it and what we should focus on. †There are three immutable criteria for choosing a plague, namely:

  • The size
  • The form
  • Material

The fourth additional is the purpose of use. So, anal plug can be fairly divided into male and female. Men have a curved shape to stimulate the prostate, you can find more info here.

So, if you are just beginning to experience the joys of anal intimacy, or it will be your first time at all, do not take too large and wide anal plug – it can hurt you. Also, it is not recommended to use plugs made of solid materials (metal, glass or wood) – as long as they are left for extreme sex. The ideal option for you would be a small rubber or silicone cork, 1-2 fingers wide. Buy a more impressive model of anal plug you always have time.

If you like it harder, and anal games are not new to you, you have a lot more choice. Recently, buyers increasingly prefer Japanese silicone models – soft, delicate, multifunctional. But with BDSM sessions, for example, metal (steel) plugs are indispensable, which provide those places with unique coolness and thrill.

Falling on tail

Recently, corks with ìtailsî have become a trend. Such things give their owners unlimited space for fantasy. And the tails go on sale very different. For example, a neat golden cork with a fluffy hare’s tail leads to the most playful little thoughts. Such a cork does not interfere with traditional sex, due to its small size and looks pretty cute. What about the tail of a raccoon? For those who like to make a joke, indulgence in their sexual games. ìTailedî corks are acquired not only by fans of furry and pony pley, but simply by people with good imagination and without complexes.

American beauty

Decorating butt plugs is a favorite activity of their manufacturers. If the design of the cork itself must be concise and simple (due to the specifics of its use), then on the ìhandleî of the plug the designer fantasy usually comes off in full. So, anal plugs with colored pebbles and various patterns and prints literally fly from the shop window. The hit of the season is a butt plug with a US flag. There is no political motive – only style and aesthetics. In all areas of life it is necessary to have good taste, especially in the most intimate. With such a stopper you donít exactly miss anyone. The butt plug with the US flag is available in large and small sizes. It can be used as a preparatory toy for traditional sex, and for anal entertainment. Here everything depends on the imagination and desire of both partners.

Choosing a Butt Plug

It would seem, butt plug has a single purpose – to deliver a pleasant feeling while moving around the house. However, in fact, there are a lot of options for using this device. Butt plug can act as a mini-dildo, anal stimulator during classic sex, as well as an anus musculature trainer. Thus, it turns out that the butt plug is a toy for all occasions. But is using butt plugs make you gay? how to choose the anal plug so that it can perform all these functions? Let’s look at the various features of anal plugs that are worth paying attention to when choosing.

First, a quality butt plug should be made of a soft, elastic material, such as gel, silicone, or latex. However, there are products made of wood, glass and metal, but they are intended more for those who appreciate a special aesthetic of anal games. Secondly, the butt plug should have an ergonomic shape that facilitates the insertion and wearing of this toy. Especially this parameter should excite those for whom anal games are something new and unknown.

In addition, the anal plug can be equipped with a vibro-module, which turns it into a miniature but killer vibrator. Butt plugs with a built-in vibrator are a great addition to the classic intercourse, allowing a woman to reach orgasm much faster. Also anal plugs can have special reinforcing sensations elements in the form of beads, soft spikes, etc. True, such exotic types of similar toys are more suitable for those who already have experience of anal games.

An important feature of the anal plugs is the fact that they must be used with a special lubricant. Therefore, too long use of toys can lead to irritation, nosing and other micro traumas. To eliminate such problems, you can use a special water-based lubricant. If the product is made of materials sensitive to certain types of lubricants (especially latex), the use of conventional lubricants can lead to the destruction of the top layer of the toy. Therefore, when buying an anal plug, be sure to check with the seller what kind of lubricant is suitable for this toy. The best way to prepare for intimacy with a partner is to use anal sex toys alone or during foreplay. So you can relax and stretch a little anus.

Most popular anal toys for fun: Butt plugs

This type of sex toy has a certain effect on the sensitive area of ??the anus, allowing you to achieve an unsurpassed orgasm. Butt plugs are suitable for both women and men. They are divided into traffic jams with and without vibration, as well as with the effect of expansion, differing in diameter and shape. It all depends on how you want to use this product.

For beginners, it is better to stop at a small size of soft silicone or latex cork. Avoid sudden movements! Since the anus does not emit a natural lubricant, the plug must be treated with a sufficient amount of lubricant.

There are many unusual and attractive models of anal plugs. Any of them can be bought in the sex shop. The French know a lot about the art of love. They even managed to turn the butt plug into an exquisite decoration with a real Swarovski rhinestone! You can choose from several colors: silver, red, black, gold. Such an intimate gift delicately hints partner on your desires.

Anal balls

A row of small round beads on a strong thread is what you need for foreplay before anal sex. But they are often used during traditional sexual intercourse to enhance orgasm. Using anal beads (balls) is very simple: put the beads one by one into the anus and at the time of the climax start slowly removing. You can do it yourself, or ask a partner. There are many variations on the theme of anal balls: these toys can differ in shape (anal fir-trees, beads), the number of balls on the thread, their diameter, material.

In the sex shop you can find anal beads made of PVC, TPE, and silicone, plastic, metal and even glass. Look at the original go pearl anal ball model. The creative form of this anal chain symbolizes love.

You and your partner will love the functional Power Balls. These balls on a strong thread are universal. They can be used for both anal and vaginal stimulation. It’s no wonder they are so popular with fans of sex toys.

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