6 Essential Things to Know Before Buying Sex Toys

Butt Plug is a popular sex toy. It can be used for different purposes. To learn more about how to use the anal plug, read below.

Preparing for anal sex††

Of course, the main task of the anal plug is preparation for anal sex. If for several hours to wear such a toy, then the anus gets used to a foreign object and the partner will be easier to enter your penis. In addition, the partner will not feel pain. To enter the anal plug, it must be carefully lubricated with lubricant.

Double penetration

Dreamed of experiencing double penetration? Then use the anal plug. Butt plug will enhance orgasm for both partners. After all, being in the vagina like those healthy and natural yoni eggs, the partner will feel that it has become more crowded, in addition, both partners will receive additional stimulation of the genital organs. For double penetration it is best to use soft plugs of medium size. You can use a plug in the form of a small member or a plug with vibration. Do you know what is butt plug spinner? Then get the best options for the same as well.

Instead of anal sex

If you do not want to let in the ass male member, but want to enjoy anal sex, butt plug is what you need. The small cork will not cause discomfort, but will allow you to enjoy.

To stimulate the prostate

Many men use butt plugs to stimulate the prostate. They help to achieve a brighter orgasm. Some couples use such plugs simultaneously in traditional sex.

For decorative – exciting function

Some people get anal plugs. Such corks come in with various rhinestones, limiters, in the form of a tail. You can find lots of these from trusted retailers like loveplugs.

How to use anal plugs

Corks are ideal for anal stimulation, and their appearance in your intimate life promises amazing orgasms. They will help to explore all aspects of anal sex, be it masturbation or anal stimulation with a partner.

Butt plugs well complement any collection of sex toys and this is the first thing to buy if you decide on anal entertainment. Corks with special lubrication will be a real orgasmic bomb for both men and women.

How to use

Butt plug is a conical toy, narrow at one end, but gradually expanding. The lower part of the cork is usually thinner, and its expanding base is needed for safety. Anal plugs gently stretch the anus and stimulate sensitive nerve endings inside and outside of it.

To begin, lubricate well the plug and anal passage with lubricant. Special anal lubrication ensures easy entry of the toy. Another way to get ideas or see what other people think and do, answers to question that you can’t normally to people that doesn’t share the same interest as you. Better join kinky communities or visit social pages such as

Take a comfortable position for yourself:

  1. Standing on all fours (as in doggie-style).
  2. Lying on your back with a pillow under the buttocks and divorced legs.

You will quickly understand which posture is best for you, although you can experiment with their various options.

Hold the stopper by the base and the barrel and bring its end to the anus, directing the toy in the direction of the abdomen, then carefully enter. You must feel the very tip of the cork inside you. When you are comfortable, then enter the toy a little further, holding only the base. If you like the sensation, push the cork further, inserting its thin neck inside and leaving only the base outside.

Now you can enjoy other types of stimulation or penetration, the cork inside will provide additional sensations. Or you can reciprocate the cork.

You can leave a plug in the anus for long periods of time, from 30 minutes to several hours, but you need to lubricate it with a lubricant at least once an hour to avoid unpleasant sensations.

The Fetish Fantasy Series Limited Edition Beginners Butt Plug is ideal for beginners due to its small size, flexibility and ease of use. But you can also try the long and thin Butt Plug Small Pink Jellies, which is easily inserted.

If you do not want to save, then you can look at the model Fun Factory Bootie. Men are delighted with how this tube stimulates the prostate, and women like how it gently presses on the back wall of the vagina on the reverse side.

When you are ready to move on, try a larger plug or a vibrating

The anal plug is specifically designed to relax the sphincter muscles before sex. Many people mistakenly believe that stimulation with fingers is quite enough for a woman to relax and not experience pain, but this is far from the case. The sphincter is not used to such serious loads, so the penetration will be very painful.

Even if your penis is a standard size, the woman will be very painful. Therefore, not only the correct selection of lubricant matters, but also the choice of cork from a high-quality and delicate material. It can be both inflatable dilator, and classical. In most cases, they are made of latex – a durable and delicate material that requires special care.

Does the shape of the tube affect the sensations?

Do not immediately buy a model with a fancy shape and relief. First you need a classic cork, narrow at the beginning and wide at the end. All of them differ in thickness and length, and for the first time it is better to buy the narrowest model, since a woman can get used to the load and will not experience pain.

It is advisable to buy 2-3 plugs of different sizes at once. The first must be the narrowest; you can order a model with swap, so that it can be increased in size depending on the sensations of the girl.

Together with the toy you need to buy a lubricant. The best option is silicone grease, as it does not dry out for a long time and provides a perfect glide. It is undesirable to get a lubricant with an anesthetic effect, as it significantly reduces the intensity of sensations. Look at the disinfecting effect, it is much preferable.

How to use the cork?

If you do not want to get injured, then first you need to introduce the toy slowly and gently. It would be better if the woman herself can use the toy. A man can get very excited and accelerate the pace, which will cause pain.

Apply lubricant to the sphincter and stopper, and then start the injection. If it is difficult, then you can add a little saliva – it increases the slip of the standard lubricant. Do not rush in any way! It is better to inject 1 centimeter very slowly than to put the whole toy inside and hope that the pain will pass after some time.

Next you need to leave the cork inside for about half an hour. The first time you should not move it back and forth and try to stimulate the vagina from the outside – the woman will not get pleasure, since all attention will be on the sphincter muscles. The first time you can leave the cork inside for 15-30 minutes, then put it out and rinse thoroughly. You can treat the toy with an antibacterial solution, and then wash it off with warm water and soap.

Directly to anal sex, you can go when a woman is free to walk with a stopper and not feel unpleasant sensations when administered. It will be perfect if the size of the cork is slightly smaller than the size of the penis.

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