7 Best Anal Plugs and How to Choose the Right One

Do not even strive to use the largest in diameter butt plug. More does not mean better. The exception is made by experienced users who have experience with this spicy little thing. It is best to start exploring the anal plugs with the accessory of the smallest sizes. Ideal for this anal plug Jellies the Crystal , having a wide size range, nice design, perfectly smooth surface.

Training: From useful to pleasant

In order to avoid the first negative experience of using plug-ins, having received pain and discomfort in return for the expected unearthly pleasure, you must first prepare the anus. Without prior preparation, you canít just take a cork in the ass, regardless of whether you are trying to please yourself or your partner. And here in the first place there are issues of hygiene. It is no secret that the rectum is not the cleanest place in the human body, and if you decide to get anal pleasure, you will have to take care of your ass to be prepared and the cork after extraction to be clean.

The basic preparation of the anus is hygienic cleaning, and now for its implementation there are a lot of devices, and the idea of using a syringe will not poison you with impressions from practicing anal stimulation. For example, you can use a special set for an anal shower. Anal shower can already be considered a sex toy by itself, because during use it gently and gently affects all the most sensitive and hidden parts of the anus, and can greatly excite, and sometimes even help to achieve the real orgasm. After the ass is perfectly prepared, you can move on. You can also go for the Silicone vs stainless steel butt plug as well. The kind of butt plugs suitable for space.


Before you begin acquaintance with anal butt ass you need to retire. Try to make sure that you are not distracted from the pleasant procedure of ordinary household chores. Retire and create the most comfortable environment for yourself. Now nothing should bother you. Leave the anxiety and troubles behind the threshold of your room, and if you cannot relax, drink a glass of champagne – this is a sure way to achieve harmony and relax! Scented candles, pleasant music, and a drop of your favorite perfume, in general, all that will help you to relax and start exploring your own sexuality and the mechanism of reaching the peak of pleasure with the help of anal plug can help.

If you decide to begin anal pleasures with a partner, the ideal way to relax the muscles of the anus will be foreplay with your fingers and tongue, it will help you to relax and get the necessary moral support.


The anus tissue is an extremely delicate zone and very susceptible to micro trauma. In the anal zone there are no glands, as in the vagina, producing natural lubrication. To avoid this pain and discomfort, to get pleasure, you will need artificial lubricant, otherwise called anal lubricant. Anal lubricants greatly facilitate the introduction of cork, and are able to enhance the pleasant sensations during its penetration and further manipulations. In addition, some types of lubricants have medicinal or analgesic properties. Some lubricants may contribute to increased sexual desire and have a stimulating effect. For the first penetration of the anal plug it is better to choose a water-based lubricant. Such a lubricant has the most affordable price category and is compatible with all materials of which today are made anal plugs. It is easily washed off and does not leave stains on bedding and clothing.

Fat-based and oil-based lubricants quickly react with latex products, damaging their delicate surface. Therefore, if you want your latex cork to last as long as possible, do not use such lubricants.

Silicone lubricants are a more advanced version of a water-based lubricant. Such a lubricant contains the same ingredients in the composition, but the water in it is replaced by silicone. This makes this lubricant waterproof, but you can’t use it with silicone sex toys!

Getting started

For the first experience of introducing the anal plug, a cork with a smooth, drop-shaped surface is ideal. Anal plugs Crystal Plug- an excellent choice of partners who are just entering the path of knowledge of this savory pleasure. These plugs are made of glass, which allows them to have an absolutely smooth surface, the variety of shapes and sizes of these plugs easily allows them to penetrate to any depth and give unearthly sensations from anal sex. Such traffic jams very easily penetrate inside and after several minutes of being inside, the muscles of the anus will get used to and will be ready to ìabsorbî the anal plug of a larger diameter. Of course, it is best to do the first manipulation of the injection yourself, because it will be much easier to control the amplitude and speed of injection, to synchronize the movements and sensations inside the anus.

If you decide to make the first injection yourself, even if in the presence of a partner, you minimize the involuntary contraction of the sphincter muscles and, therefore, you can avoid even the smallest pain. But, most likely, that the partner will undertake this honorable mission, because any manipulations with the anus can be very exciting. It is unlikely that your partner will be able to resist such a painful temptation. Remember that the key to success in this case – complete relaxation of the muscles, not only the anus, but also the whole body. If you are worried, you cannot relax at all, an erotic massage made by the hands of your partner will come to the rescue. The orgasm relaxes the muscles best, therefore,

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Precautionary measures

Remember that the introduction into the anus of any items other than specialized sex toys can be dangerous to your health. All butt plugs have a special stopper, which does not allow the tube to go deeper than the whole sphincter. The muscles of the anus tend to shrink, and this process is poorly controlled, especially by novice lovers. It will be impossible to remove a foreign object caught in the anus without medical assistance.

Butt plugs usually brought to hotels, like all other sex toys, after purchase should be thoroughly washed with warm water and soap for intimate hygiene. In addition, if you decide to treat your cork with an antiseptic, it will not be superfluous, but you will be engaged in anal pleasures with pleasure and without worry about the infection and bacteria. After using the plug, all sanitary and hygienic manipulations with the stopper must be repeated. Wipe the butt plug with a soft towel and dry thoroughly away from sources of heat. Now you are familiar with the basics, without which anal pleasures are unlikely to bring you the greatest possible pleasure. One has only to follow these simple rules, and you can quickly advance “in the subject line” and get powerful weapons into your arsenal to conquer more and more new types of sensual pleasures.

It is very convenient to introduce the anal chain with the help of a partner who carefully pushes each ball inward, while stimulating the area of the anus and genitals. Do not strive to enter the whole chain, be guided by your own feelings. If the urge to use the toilet suddenly arises such cases sometimes happen, it is better not to be shy, to interrupt the procedure of introducing anal beads and empty the intestines.

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