Best Ways to Enjoy Anal Sex with Tools

The first question that arises among girls unfamiliar with this ìsubjectî is why they are needed. Many people mistakenly consider balls as an ordinary sex toy, however, this is not quite so, because first of all, vaginal balls are a simulator for the muscles of the vagina, and secondly they are used for sexual pleasure.

What do these balls look like? Most often it is a bunch of two, sometimes more, balls with a diameter of 1.5 to 3.5 centimeters, ideally round or egg-shaped (you came across funny balls in the form of balls for American football). Balls come from different materials – from plastic, metal, latex, with different coatings – rough or smooth, with a displaced center of gravity or weighted. If your muscles are weakened (during sex, you feel badly a member of your partner) or you have already experienced childbirth and want to restore muscle tone, then you need to choose a fairly large product (about 2.5 – 3 cm), preferably a rough one (this surface will help you to hold within itself) and necessarily with an offset center of gravity. This is when the ball itself is hollow, and inside it is another metal ball. As a newcomer, latex balls of a gently pink color, with a diameter of just over 2 cm, naturally with an offset center of gravity. What I liked the most was the fact that the thread between the balls themselves and the external thread was also doused with latex, which would not allow the thread to rub delicate places.

At the very beginning of the use of DIY Anal beads with a displaced center of gravity cause strange sensations and a slight vibration, as if you forgot to pull out from yourself some part of the body of your MCH. When moving, the inner ball hits the outer shell, causing it to move, and your intimate muscles involuntarily set in motion, trying to keep the balls inside, and even those muscles that are not involved during violent sex start to work, because are outside the area of ??stimulation member. The movements of various muscle groups cause blood flow to the vagina, which, in addition to pleasant sensations, helps reduce the risk of stagnation that can be caused by various female sores. ìWearingî vaginal balls can be in the store, and at work and at home, at first 15-30 minutes a day, gradually increasing the time of wearing up to several hours.

In about a month you will already feel the movements of those muscles that you previously suspected very vaguely. Your partner will also feel their movements, because they will so tightly embrace his male pride, and with proper desire and hard work out, you can force a man to finish without moving his body, but simply by squeezing and unclenching the muscles of the vagina.

After a couple of months of regular workouts you can go to the weighted balls. They are smaller and smooth, and in order to keep them inside at first it will take some effort, but it’s worth it, because the stronger the muscles of the vagina, the nicer your man and the brighter your orgasm.

How to use? After purchase, the balls must be washed with soap and treated with antiseptic. Next, before and after each use, wash the balls with warm water and soap (preferably antibacterial). Before first use, lubricate the balls with a small amount of intimate lubricant (later you can try without it) and gently insert them into the vagina in the supine position, leaving the thread outside. Stand up and try to keep them inside for as long as you can. Some can walk at once, and some need to practice for several days before they can move without releasing balls, everything is individual here.

Advantages of using vaginal balls:

  • The ability to make your sex life much brighter and more diverse
  • Possession of your intimate muscles fills intimacy with bright sensations due to the full girth of the penis
  • Vaginal muscles strengthen, the ability to regulate the size of the vagina develops, making it narrower
  • The trained muscles are more elastic and contract better, which allows quickly return to the original size after delivery

Do not use vaginal balls for intimacy. If you really want, buy special – they are smaller and specifically designed for sexual games.

For what purpose is anal plug used?

Butt plug is used most often with traditional sex of a woman and a man, when with the help of a plug the vaginal lumen narrows, the man gets brighter sensations, and the woman, due to stimulation of the anal area, has more voluptuous sensations. It is also widely used butt plug during masturbation, regardless of gender, and you can use special plugs in constant wear to get pleasure from walking and other movements.

What you should know when buying an anal plug.

When buying butt plug, you are unlikely to find a clear instruction on its use. Thus, without knowing the features, most likely you will use it only as a ìcorkî. Dispel several myths about using this sex toy to help you achieve true enjoyment.

Myth 1 – Butt plug is used to prepare for anal sex. Of course, it is possible to use it for these purposes, but the purpose of the cork in another. To prepare for anal sex is better to use other toys – expanders or anal stimulants.

Myth 2 – Butt plug designed to stimulate the prostate. This is not true, since the male physiology does not allow the anal plug to reach the prostate. To stimulate the prostate there are special massagers.

Myth 3 – butt plug is used to prevent hemorrhoids. This is absolutely not true; in no case cannot use butt plugs and other anal toys for any diseases of the rectum.

Myth 4 – Butt plug helps to increase the number of sperm. It is not so, only hormones are relevant to the process of sperm production, and in no case is this toy.


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How to choose butt plug?

You need to focus on the size and price. The most practical is the classic version; with the first purchase it is better to stop your choice on it. As for the material – silicone is popular here, but it is quite expensive. PVC stopper is cheaper but has an unpleasant smell. The size is also important – at the first use it is better to buy a smaller size. In our assortment there is a lot of sex toys for every taste. More importantly, if you want some fancy decorations on the base like jeweled plugs, they are also available online. You just need to know the important aspect of jeweled plugs.

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