Having troubles with butt plugs? You might be doing it wrong

While anal play is hot, naughty, and highly pleasurable, it’s not exactly the most practical sexual activity. Without careful planning and preparation, it can be messy or painful. That’s why some newbies could become frustrated or give up or throw their new butt plug away. 

However, don’t despair just yet! If you’re having trouble with butt plugs, you might be doing it wrong! You simply need to slow down and look through the following article to learn how to use your butt plug correctly!

Use the bathroom

First things first: anal play and butt sex can be messy or unhygienic. Most anal beginners are terrified of seeing poop, but that just comes with the territory. There’s a big chance that you could encounter some feces while playing with your or your partner’s butthole. The only way to put your mind at ease and not traumatize yourself or your partner is to get ready before you use the toy.

There are several ways to go about this. The simplest method is to use the bathroom before you try anything. So take a long and relaxing poop and wash up thoroughly afterward. If you want to be extra careful, use water pressure from your bidet or showerhead to thoroughly clean your poop chute. If that’s not enough, try a full water enema. 

Turn yourself on

Many people end up having a negative experience with anal plugs because they go too fast. They try to push the toy in there before getting horny. Without arousal, insertion and removal could be extremely hard and even feel painful. With anal play, the only way to guarantee a highly enjoyable experience is to get extremely aroused. 

Instead of jamming the plug in right away, you or your partner should get as horny as possible. The trick is to try other types of stimulation like masturbation. You could masturbate on your own or with a partner. Also, try oral sex or even watch porn to get turned on. That will mainly depend on what gets you wet or hard. You can even use other toys like vibrators or cock rings to increase the sensations in your genital area. 

Plus, don’t only focus on your genitals. Try to tease your anus with lots of lube or your fingers. When you’re turned on, you could even slide a finger inside your booty to get accustomed to the sensation of penetration. All of those techniques will relax your anal muscles, and you’ll be ready to wear your butt plug with ease! 

Use lots of lube

If you think that spit will be enough, you could end up having a really painful experience. All types of anal play require lube. That is because the anal canal does not produce natural lubrication. Without lube, you will most likely feel a lot of friction, which is the main cause of discomfort or even internal injuries. If you’ve never stretched out your butthole before, the lube will eliminate any friction and discomfort. What’s more, anal lube will also preserve your toys and keep them in great condition. 

And for lube to really work, you should apply it over, around, and inside your anus before insertion. You should also apply lube on the flared base while removing the plug. However, when it comes to lube, you’ll have to use the right type for your butt plug to avoid damage. Some of the best lubricants for anal play are silicone lubes, water-based lubes, and oil-based lubes. Remember that you shouldn’t use silicone toys with silicone lubricants as they can degrade the toy over time. If you are unsure, water-based lube is the safest option.

Listen to your body 

Butt plugs are the best toys for anal training because anyone can use them regardless of gender or sexual orientation. However, to truly make them work, you’ll have to get in touch with your body and pay attention to your responses. Not everyone is an anal sex champion. Some people could naturally love it, while others could learn to enjoy it with practice. 

For instance, if you’re an anal virgin who can’t insert the plug because your anus is too tight, don’t force it. If you decide to power through it, you could actually cause small tears in the anus lining. That could lead to serious problems. 

Some long-term anal experts who prefer to feel some pain could enjoy pushing the plug inside fast and hard, but beginners should generally steer away from that. If your body tells you that it’s time to stop, don’t ignore it.

It’s not a race

The key to a successful anal session is to take your time and go as slowly as possible. It’s normal to feel excited, but you shouldn’t rush into it. Inserting the plug too fast can increase the pain and even make removal difficult. 

As we’ve said, the trick is to get as aroused as possible. Anal can be a wonderful experience on its own because you can tease yourself or your partner. You can simply take your time to see what feels good and what doesn’t. It could take a few days until you’re fully ready to push the entire plug inside you, though. So, if you are impatient, you could try anal play while experimenting with roleplay, other sex toys, fetishes, and fantasies, watching porn, or whatever else gets you off.

Practice makes perfect

Finally, try not to get frustrated. Don’t feel pressured, and try to have fun with your butt plug as many times as possible until you can fully push it inside. If the plug doesn’t feel good at first, give it a rest and try again some other time. In a way, it’s similar to learning any new skill, like riding a bicycle! Staying in this mindset is essential, especially if you want to move on to bigger anal toys or penetration with a penis later on. If your first plug feels too big, simply get a smaller one or try to stretch your booty out with a finger or two. You can also experiment with different types of butt plugs, like tail butt plugs or vibrating variants, to see what suits you best. 

The bottom line

As you can see, it takes time to become a butt plug pro, but our tips are perfectly safe, healthy, and normal, and they will greatly improve your experience! So relax, take it easy, and have fun with your butt plug!

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