How to use homemade Dildos

Want to bring something new into your sex life? He calls for sex toys without any embarrassment. If you do not have the courage to go to the sex shop, you can use some things in the house that can cause pleasure.

Here are some sexual objects in your home that can condemn your sexual life

The shower: Whether you are alone at home and enjoying play, whether you are with your lover, the shower can turn into the ideal toy for stimulating. Water jet can be used to stimulate the partner’s intimate parts.

Electric toothbrush: When did you first see a toothbrush in action, what was your first thought? You sure you compared it to a vibrator. If you have one you no longer use for the purpose for which it was created, you can find a new use: stimulation of the clitoris.

Towel: A simple towel can prove to be extremely useful during a doggy-style. Put it around your hips and give it to your beloved. He can use them to get you closer to him.

Metal spoons: Do you want to give your lover feelings? Then keep some metal spoons in the refrigerator to use in prelude. Walk them on his hot body, starting from the lips to the most intimate places. You will get mourning of pleasure!

Clothes pliers: For those who think there is no pleasure without a little pain, we recommend using the clothes pliers. Pay attention to sensitive areas, such as nipples, and do not let them get caught for more than a few seconds to avoid disturbing.

A belt: Belts, scarves or ties can brighten the cuffs. Keep them close to bed to use when your lover is not “good”.

Washing machine: It can be an ideal place for sex. Put your partner on the washing machine, let go at full speed and have sex.

Phone: A special smartphone application called MyVibe appears on the internet that can turn your phone into a vibrator.

Mouthwash: It can help you with oral sex. Mint stimulates blood circulation in intimate areas, and sensations will be more intense.

The mirror: Gender in front of the mirror can stimulate you even more. Explore your body looking in the mirror and excite yourself to the fullest.

Even though Marilyn Monroe said that diamonds are a woman’s best friend, the hierarchy could change radically if we consider using a vibrator with strong batteries. You can get to the perfect orgasm just with the vibrator, whether you use it alone or get a helping hand from your lover.

The reason why the “big O” is so accessible with the vibrator is easy to understand. The accessory has the form, texture, strength and vibration needed for a great stimulation. Even so, a little skill and technique turns a shy wow into a wow orgasm! Practice is the path to improvement, even from the point of sexual pleasure.

Back and forth

The most popular technique for getting the body through the vibrator is the exciting motion back and forth after a few touches in the clitoris area. Once your vagina has been lubricated enough, set your little friend on the first gear and move it to the frantic pace of going home, slowly at the beginning and getting louder along the way. As pleasure intensifies, it moves the gears to the desired intensity.

To maximize sexual tension, simultaneously stimulate other erogenous areas. Massage your nipples or caress with the fingers of your left hand the anus circle and the perineum the sensitive portion between the vagina and the anus.

Circular movements

You can move from the technique back and forth to circular movements, starting from the entrance to the vagina, lulling it there for a few seconds, then inserting it deeper, rotating the artificial penis to reach as many inaccessible portions as possible. Variable the speed of the movements and massage your clitoris at the same time.

Move to 8

An excellent movement to increase the state of excitation is to trace the figure 8 with the tip of the vibrator around the clitoris, vulva and vagina. The unique feeling will be overwhelming and can speed the trip to orgasm more than you dare to hope for.

Feeling strong

For an orgasm that you do not forget too easily, try to surprise your senses with some key ingredients for strong sensations. Enjoy a mint drop and then walk your tongue on the surface of the vibrator to refresh it too. As soon as you insert it into your sensitive parts, you will feel thousands of pleasant tingling in the whole body, which intensifies the orgasmic sensations of the vibrations of your precious accessory.

Point G

It’s not difficult at all to get to G with a vibrating vibrator. Insert it 5-7 cm into the vagina and then point its head up (to the navel) so that it presses on the upper vaginal wall. Push it back and forth, to the intensity that makes your knees tremble. If you have a slight urination, it means you’re on the right track. Do not be afraid, in a state of such excitation, it is unlikely to urinate. Instead, you will end up on the heights of pleasure, guaranteed!

Penetration angle

Because you need a little variation to get a greater degree of pleasure, it changes position. Sit on your knees and use your doggy style vibrator. Look for new penetrating angles and you will end up on the heights of pleasure!

Even if it is associated with solitary activities, this sex toy can be an important ingredient for a satisfying life in the couple. Using the vibrator during prelude or sexual intercourse will increase your pleasure and ease your way to orgasm. Here are some ways to enhance the sensations of amoral parties using the vibrator.

Use it to give him a sensual massage

This sex toy can have other benefits besides sexual ones. Although it was created to massage the genital areas, the vibrator can also be used to relax the strained muscles. Use this toy in prelude to delight your partner. Explore her body using the vibrator and offer her a sensual massage. Insist on nipples and pelvis. Not only will you help him relax, but you will increase your excitement.

Enhances sensations during oral sex

No matter who gives or receives, the vibrator is more than welcome in oral sex parties. If you want to impress him while giving him oral stimulation, use the vibrations of this sexual toy. How? Position the penis so that it touches your cheek on the inside. Then the vibrator approaches the outside of the cheek and thus the tip of the penis will enjoy vibrations.

Also, encourage your boyfriend to use this device when he or she gives you oral fluency. While it stimulates your tongue clitoris, it can use the vibrator to penetrate you. The orgasm will be explosive.

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