Materials at home you can use to make DIY masturbators and why you should make them

When in need, humans always deliver. This is especially true when it comes to horny single men who want to take their masturbation to another level. After all, sex toys can become boring after extensive use, so it’s only logical to find a way to experiment further. One such idea is to make your own DIY masturbation gadgets with household materials.


For some, this might feel like going back in time, when they would experiment with juicy apple pies and socks full of lube. But this isn’t about putting on your nostalgia goggles. It’s about being creative and actually enjoying your end product. Therefore, allow us to list five ways that will lead you to an unforgettable yet realistic wank.

A Pair of Socks

The first pick on our list is a classic. Most guys in their teens use a sock to masturbate, simulating a vagina. Of course, the sensation of rubbing your penis alongside fabric isn’t exactly what female genitals feel like, but, hey. It’s creative, at least. However, we offer an improved sock masturbator right here. All you need are a couple of household items, including a sock (penis-sized), a latex glove, a couple of hair ties, and lube.

Firstly, insert the latex glove inside the sock. Make sure you don’t leave much space between the two. If you want to make your DIY masturbator more realistic, make sure you leave the interior wrinkled to simulate vagina ridges. Once you do that, place the hair ties on the opening and secure the sock and the glove. The last touch is to pour a hefty amount of lube inside and slide your dong into your DIY fleshlight.


You’d have to be living under a rock not to know about fleshlights. Even some of the most famous porn stars are releasing their official artificial vaginas. Unfortunately, to purchase the best, you’d have to spend quite an amount of your hard-earned money. But that isn’t a reason to despair. You can make your DIY pocket pussy with the help of just a couple of household items, including sponges, a Pringles can, and a large latex condom.


A Pringles can work just the frame. You clean it up and insert a large condom inside. You can also use the cardboard core of toilet rolls, but a can works better. Either way, before you place the condom inside, coat the inside with small pieces of a regular sponge. Once you do, add the condom inside and lock it at the top of the can. After that, it’s all done and ready for you to plow your way just like you would for a couple of hundred dollars more.


Our third pick is a lot more primitive than the two before it. Nevertheless, that doesn’t make it any less effective at simulating penetrative sex. All you need is a pillow. So, kneel down and place your erect penis on your bed’s mattress. Add a pillow over it and hold both sides firmly as you begin to plow your way to orgasm. The only downside is that you’ll ejaculate all over your sheets, but you can prevent that by using a condom.


Now that we’ve mentioned condoms let’s see how you can use them to make a homemade sex toy. All you need is a pack of preservatives, a coin, lube, and a rubber band. The first part is simple. You should inflate the condom. However, don’t overdo it, as it can blow up rather easily. Once you inflate it, place the coin on the opening of the condom and push it downwards until it reaches the tip from the inside. When you succeed, wrap the coin from the outside with the rubber band, and voilà — you’ve made an artificial booty that you can fuck as much as you like while pouring copious amounts of lube into the hole.


One of the major pros of making DIY masturbators is that they offer far-out solutions that you won’t find on the market. One such solution is using raw meat for the inside of your homemade fleshlight. Of course, this won’t be okay for everyone, but it’s worth a shot if you want a realistic sensation as you masturbate.


This is a fairly simple sex toy, and it consists of just two parts — a Pringles can and some raw meat. Again, you can use the cardboard inside of toilet paper rolls, but cans are less prone to breaking as you hold them tight. Be as it may, fill the inside of the Pringles with raw meat (chicken liver offers the most realistic sensation) and plow. Just remember to wash your penis after you’re done. Raw meat can carry nasty bacteria.

Why Start Making DIY Masturbators

The main reason why you should start with DIY sex toys is the cost of quality products these days. Although we can be more than happy with where the adult toy industry is currently, we can’t help but cry over some prices on the market. For many, paying a couple of hundred bucks for a fleshlight is just too much. Therefore, why not cut the cost and make your pocket pussy with homemade items that cost less than toy shipping?


On the other hand, it’s not just about prices. Even some filthy rich kinksters opt for DIY toys and masturbators, and the reason is simple. What you can make at home can’t compare to what the industry offers in terms of quality materials and weird ideas. You can’t buy a meat-filled fleshlight on the market, but you can make it in the comfort of your home. Therefore, in our eyes, the reasoning is quite clear. DIY is the best.

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